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VAREYE Mission

VAREYE is a Sustainability and CoC System based on over 50 years of experience

We realize that the competitiveness of a company, and its access to financing and investment, depend on the speed of obtaining and processing of information. VAREYE is based on a combination of a highly secure cloud platform, individual QR code generation, identification and geolocation systems, which can be embedded in all modern smartphones.



What should the system be like?


A company must have access to live information on geolocation, responsible parties and product characteristics throughout production and logistics chains. In addition, a company should receive immediate notifications about discrepancies between planned (target) and actual data, including geolocation, schedules, changes in product weight, etc. Such warnings should contain sufficient information to resolve an issue as soon as possible.


It is important that such operational control system is universal and does not have restrictions on the types of cargo and the complexity of multimodal logistics.


It is also equally important that the control system remains as cheap as possible, easy to use, does not require paper media, additional product labeling, the installation of additional equipment along with the cargo or the hiring of additional employees, which in the long run enables the companies to stay aware of their operations at all times, without having budgeting concerns.


The system must be provided by an independent third party, with no interest connection to the company and any of the participants in a production and logistics chain. As an independent third party, such system should certify all the reliability parameters of the company’s production supply chains (geolocation of routes, time, responsible, changes in product characteristics, etc.) These certificates can then be provided to financial institutions, consumers, regulatory authorities, etc.


The name VAREYE comes from two words “VAR” and “EYE”.
In Norse mythology, Vár or Vór (Old Norse, meaning either „pledge“ or „beloved”) is a goddess associated with oaths and agreements.
Var strictly watches over agreements among people, ensuring their fairness and compliance.

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