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What we provide?

Global system of online identification, control, analysis and certification of production and logistics chains from raw materials to the final product of any complexity.

The system gives live updates and history on individuals responsible for a particular batch of a product (in particular, the data necessary for the entities’ or individuals’ quick identification and communication with them) when and where the product was transferred to the next responsible person in the supply chain and where it is currently located, including its actual geolocation during transportation by sea and by road.


on a product creation chain

current characteristics of a product (including batch number and mass) changes in its weight / volume as it moves along the chain of transformations, storage and transportation.
VAREYE Service Model

A simple way to solve complex problems

  • All equipment needed is a smartphone or a PC with web access
  • Simple intuitive interface is designed to minimize the effort of acquiring and assigning QRCs
  • Less than two minutes required for QRC acquisition and information entry 
  • Simply click a button and enter very minimum amount of needed information
  • All remaining information, controls, status of the CoC are securely stored in VAREYE’s database
  • No required information is declared as sensitive
  • Help is available via web 24/7/365 days a year
Own chain of QR codes

They are transmitted along the chain from the person responsible for the consignment to the next responsible person.

No large investments

The system doesn't require any investment in equipment, personnel, or special training by the customer. VAREYE doesn't require additional markings or labels, paper media, etc.

Full control

Complete control over the supply chain and transformations. VAREYE certifies the process and stores all information.

The VAREYE Detection System

Identification of each CoC link without limitations and supply chain complexity

CoC link maritime and trucking routes geolocation detection of any types of cargo

CoC Custodian

Any product transformation control through QRCs dependencies detection

Detection of weight

Inspection of CoC event, custodian or other information

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